Project – Run to the City Tag

We need a project!!

Let’s make a simple video recording of the tag Run to the City

  1. Your section leaders have produced trax so that we’re all accurate together.
  2. Next, you will need to have two devices in order to do your own video recording…locate those – (cell phone and tablet or laptop or desktop)  In a nutshell, you’ll listen to your section leader by headphones while you video yourself singing.
  3. You’ll follow the instructions as prepared by Sue Magnuson to video/record yourself and send that recording to the google drive
  4. She’ll combine and synch up our product and post for us to enjoy on our private FB page

The deadline for making your recording is FEBRUARY 2

Sheet Music Run, Run, Run


Overview: Recording and Sharing A Video:   This doc covers the overall process

Tips for a Good Video:   This doc gives you some tips for making a good video recording.

Link to GoogleDrive :  This is the link to where you will upload your video recording and the files relating to our project are here too.

UPDATE: If google drive won’t work for you,

text your recording to Sue 707.387.5440


After you read the instructions, feel free to contact Sue or Kris with any questions.  Let’s do this!


Here’s a video of Claire singing via zoom for Lead section!


Lead Track


Tenor Track

Bari Track


Bass Track



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