Master Director Sharon Carlson

My vision for SOS remains the same as that first rehearsal in my living room: find every woman who loves to sing in Sonoma County; bring out the singing diva in each singer; promote self confidence in both the group and the individual. Seeing the ‘lights go on’ each week fills me with joy. I see no boundaries or limits to the size of the chorus nor the scope of music it can perform. To reach a contemporary world with our music we need to take risks and see the music through contemporary eyes. SOS has all that, and more!” ~Sharon Carlson

Sharon Carlson, the chartering director of Song of Sonoma Chorus, brings over 42 years of performing expertise to her leadership. She brings a background and training in interpretive dance, instrumental study, voice study, and group dynamics and has a passion for the American art form of barbershop singing,

Sharon also shares her vocal/performing skills as a member of Region 12’s teaching and coaching Faculty, as a mentor, arranger, and coach for directors and quartets across the country. Her background also includes singing in regional championship quartets, judging internationally as a Certified Music Judge, and Master Director status.  She coaches other choruses and quartets in the barbershop art form with the same joy she shares weekly with Song of Sonoma.

With passion and joy in her art, Sharon inspires, motivates, and directs chorus members in vocal, choral, theater, music, and showmanship, as well as show-scripting skills during fun and  demanding weekly rehearsals. Her passion for teaching is reflected in the chorus members’ talents as they become refined as a unit to achieve performance excellence. Sharon calls chorus members “professional learners” and takes “utter joy in making music together!” She’s genuinely humbled that so many savvy, exciting women come to “sing their hearts out and allow me to direct them.”

Sharon compares the SOS chorus to “a beautiful butterfly, always emerging with striking colors” and “flying in formation [to] create strength for the flock,” and where “each and every voice and personality adds so much in every way.”

SOS chorus thrives and is strengthened by hosting public events, competing, and growing from just 8 people since 2010.  Under Sharon’s enthusiasm as a coach, Song of Sonoma Chorus won its first regional competition in 2015 and competed at the international competition in 2016.  She’s heading us toward new exciting goals and an endless future of creative possibilities.