2023 Competition Guide

Hotel Information
Nugget Casino Resort
1100 Nugget Ave
Sparks, NV 89431
Local: (775) 356-3300
Toll-Free: 800-648-1177
When checking into the hotel, make sure you tell them you are with Sweet Adelines!

Notes about the weekend
**Although tipping the housekeeping staff $1 a day per person is optional, we know how much they appreciate it since we create quite a mess with our makeup and performance preparations.

**All grooming products should be unscented, without exception. Allergic reactions can prevent others from being able to sing in the performance. Perfumes are never appropriate when sharing the close quarters of risers.

When you arrive in Sparks, please check in!
Sharon Carlson 707-322-6222

SOS Schedule

Thursday arrivals – find us and have dinner with us. Get your badge from Diane.

Friday arrivals – Get your badge from Diane. Let’s sit together and cheer!

● Flat Floor Rehearsal
So. Pacific B, A, G (3rd Floor)
8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

● Make-up/hair/costume checks
Redwood 8

○ 11:30: Make-Up, Hair Team and Row 1
○ 11:45: Row 2
○ 12:00: Row 3
○ 12:15: Row 4 & 5

● Plan your meal to be about 2 hours before stage time!

● 1:35 pm: gather for the Traffic Pattern Check in – Just outside Resort Tower Elevators. Bring your ‘baggie’ with room key, All-events badge, small personal items.

● “Bag Ladies”: Karen, Gloria C, Sharon C, Aurora, (They hold the big bags that hold your small (very small) bag.)


● 4:40 pm: 2022 Champion performance & awards.

● 7:00 pm: Dinner: room TBD. Let’s have a great dinner, debrief score sheets and party!!

● 9:00pm – Afterglow Party The Galaxy Cantina in Salon 5 – celebrating all things Star Wars & Space Aliens

Schedule of Competition Events

Thursday, May 4th
5:30 – 7:00 pm Combined Chorus and Quartet Briefing (Directors & Team Coordinators)
7:00 – 7:20 pm Chorus Pattern Walkthrough (Optional)

Friday, May 5th
8:45 – 10:00 am Sound Check Chorus
(All Directors, Team Coordinators/Presidents, chorus members welcome but not required)

Saturday, May 6th

Packing List

Blue contest jacket
Black camisole/tank
Black costume pants
Smoothing undergarment
Opaque black socks/stockings
Black shoes
Contest earrings
Contest necklace
Contest make-up
Items for contest hair: unscented hairspray, curlers, etc

Personal make-up
Unscented deodorant
Washcloth/towel (for makeup removal)
Other toiletries: q-tips, cotton balls, aspirin, safety pins, band-aids
Cell phone charger
Snacks for your room
Cash for the weekend
Any Sweet Adelines bling!
A great attitude!


To achieve and ensure our polished, professional unit look you will need:
Make up kit (your own or shared)
● Foundation
● Blush
● Neutral Set Powder (white)
● True Red Lipstick
● White eye shadow
● Black eye shadow
Final Seal Spray
Your own:
Dark brown eyebrow pencil or powder
Black eye pencil- preferably waterproof
Black mascara-preferably waterproof
Red lip pencil
Eye shadow base
Sponge wedges or circles, powder, blush, eye shadow brush and sponge, eyebrow
Bright Light
Face wash
Black false eyelashes
Eyelash glue
Eyelash curler
Clear nail polish or French Manicure
Make-up remover and your own towel

Cell Numbers

Alicia Miller 707-758-5182
Aurora Brisgel 707-570-9336
Bev Look 707-321-5995
Cheryl Ray 707-217-0874
Christine Lush 707-364-5624
Claire Urquhart 707-953-8993
Cris Sookne 707-484-3745
Diane Pimentel 707-772-7514
Eileen Keister 707-509-9838
Ellen Kelm 707-332-4149
Gloria Chao 415-218-1763
Gloria LaFleur 707-837-6357
Jackie Skvaril 707-536-5354
Jovana Vallin-Santos 707-343-6226
Judy Girard 415-328-3349
Julie Thomason 707-953-7414
Karen Giovannini 707-292-5399
Kat Slusser 707-291-1652
Kathy Uemura 707-479-7981
Kris Skold 707-322-4689
Kristi Hudson 707-483-2117
Louise Sullivan 707-292-8727
Lynda Casillas 707-479-4214
Nada Hadley 707-328-2889
Norma Stevens 818-464-6911
Radka Temnitzer 310-869-1697
Sara Jones 707-758-0084
Sarah Crawford 808-937-7477
Sharon Carlson 707-322-6222
Sharon Cahn 707-291-9270
Shirley Stevens 707-477-7062
Susan Burkett 415-509-8552
Suzan Lane 707-322-4513
Suzy Martin 707-591-6211
Tessa Murray 707-490-6714
Tracy Jenkins 707-332-5934