Guest Page

So you liked our rehearsal! We certainly enjoy them every week and we are so happy you joined us! We’ve prepared this page to help you navigate the first steps in exploring how you can be part of our fabulous Song of Sonoma Chorus. Joining a large group can be nerve-wracking for some and others may just jump in and take to it like a diva. Whichever group you fall into, keep in mind we all started where you are. We are all amateurs, many of us do not read music and many of us have never been a part of a singing group until now. But once we found barbershop music and Song of Sonoma, we were hooked!

To become familiar with our music, we utilize ‘learning tracks’ which you will find below. We have two songs that are part of our current repertoire which we learn for competition performance; one is a ballad and the other is an up-tune. We compete  every year with other Sweet Adeline choruses throughout Region 12 and our goal is to show off our barbershop skills and improve over our last competition!

A win on the regional level will then take us the next year to the International performance and that is an amazing experience! Competing against other choruses from around the world is quite a thrill.  A question guests frequently ask is why do we compete? Competing against other singers helps us put our skills to the test and helps us to be our best. Our spirit of competitiveness brings out the highest level of our skills. Competing on stage is enormous fun and tests us in ways we may not have expected. We love it!

So to begin, check out the learning tracks as a good start to familiarize yourself. with your part. And secondly, coming to rehearsal each week is even more important as we tweak and improve our skills week over week.

Part Ballad Up-Tune Notes
 – Sheet Music When You Wish Upon a Star Dr. Jazz Download and print so you can follow along with the track
4-Part Balanced When You Wish – 4 Part Doctor Jazz – 4 Part You can hear how all the parts sound singing together.
Baritone When You Wish – Bari Dominant Doctor Jazz – Bari Dominant You can hear the Baritone singing louder than the other three parts.
Bass When You Wish – Bass Dominant Doctor Jazz – Bass Dominant You can hear the Bass singing louder than the other three parts.
Lead When You Wish – Lead Dominant Doctor Jazz – Lead Dominant You can hear the Lead singing louder than the other three parts.
Tenor When You Wish – Tenor Dominant Doctor Jazz – Tenor Dominant You can hear  the Tenor singing louder than the other three parts.

If you have questions, here are the key people you can reach out to. If you decide to join, we’ll pair you up with a Big Sister who will be there to help you navigate and acclimate to the group – remember you’ll always have someone to help you!

Point of Contact Questions about… Email
Sharon Carlson Director and All-Knowing One
Summer Larson Assistant Director & Vocal Warm-up
Christine McLarty Team Coordinator
Debbie Rogan Chorus Secretary
Diane Pimentel Money Matters
Judy Girard Costumes
Kris Skold IT & Videography
Lori Williams Membership Coordinator
Sandi Cavanaugh & Nan Jeane Housing/Travel  &

Sue Magnuson Marketing & Outreach
Sue Magnuson & Kris Skold  Webmasters &

Tracy Schwacofer Makeup/Costumes/Choreo