Stage Hair

The general idea with “stage” or “contest” hair is to create height, frame the face, and – especially – present a polished and professional look.


First of all, for those of you who have challenges doing your own hair, I would suggest, if possible, setting up a professional appointment very soon, to have your hair trimmed, colored, or smoothed into a style that would be easier to handle before leaving for contest.

As you all know, our grooming is vital in Sweet Adelines, and scores significant points during our competition. This makes it vital that we all take some “personal responsibility” in presenting our best “up do” for these competitions. Sometimes I check out other winning choruses on You Tube and I recommend you try finding a style you like for contest this way.

Due to our increased membership this past year, (YEA!!!), and time constraints on contest day, your hair “team”consisting of Kathy S, Pat L, and myself, cannot spend more than a few minutes to help with last minute touch-ups as necessary.

There are some professional products that I have used and recommend which will help give your hair shine, body and holding power and work for all hair types. I will name them at the end of this email with some links. These really help when used in conjunction with blow drying, and/or your favorite heat appliances. I know we all need more body to get the “lift”for the kind of hairdo we need for contest. The judge for grooming looks for uniformity in this area, so if a few don’t try then those people will stick out, just like someone wearing the wrong color lipstick!!

For long hair, make sure you have on hand some bobby pins of various sizes, barrettes, or clips that match your hair color, and practice using these to pull your hair up on the sides away from your face. Try some of the products and appliances listed below to lift your hair on top and then try a “teasing brush” to give added height. For example, for longer fine hair, I would : Wash it twice, condition, towel dry it, put the suggested amount of treatments listed below on towel-dried hair. Then blow dry as smooth as you can with a round brush, then curl with hot rollers OR a curling iron. “Lightly brush out”, then tease with the small teasing brush. Spray lightly with Kenra Hair spray while teased, then use the pins or clips to pull up the sides and anchor them. Smooth the top teased hair and play with it using the end of the pointed brush and your hand to lift and shape in the mirror. Fluff out the back and check in mirror. When it looks the way you would like…. spray liberally again!!

If you like any mousse products, they too can add body for lift before using heat rollers, curling irons, or blow drying.

Kenra (25) Volume Super Hold Hair Spray has great “hold” and is not stiff or sticky. Can purchase at Beauty supplies and numerous online sites.

“Big Sexy Hair Spray Play Harder” NOT Root Pump! has extra holding power. This can be purchased at J.C. Penney salon and numerous Beauty supplies and online. Marrakesh KaHm Daily Smoothing Treatment – 60ml/2oz This gives body, shine and makes your hair feel wonderful and ready to style with just a few drops to towel dried hair. Marrakesh X Dreamsicle Treatmnt This is a leave in treatment for fine hair. Gives body and shine.

If you would like my help with any hair questions, please feel free to email or call me and I will happily do what I can to help you!!

Sandi Cavanaugh

Samples from 2017


Many of you have asked for suggestions with your hair and here are a few videos I have found for you to watch. Some of you wanted to add some height but weren’t sure how. Here are some do-it-yourself tutorials that should help you  quite a lot if you can take a little time to watch and play with your hair.  Even though the creator “Lilith Moon” has long hair, her ideas for teasing and spraying to add some temporary “lift” are awesome for all lengths. She has over 200 videos on Youtube for all sorts of styles with mostly long hair but many are adaptable. You can also “search” Youtube on how to french braid, how to smooth curly hair, and  “how to do whatever you would like to do to your hair” and I’m sure you will find some other interesting how to videos.

Lilith Moon Youtube Channel