Membership Fees

Age 26 and Older 25 and Younger
International Dues $100.00   $50.00
Regional Dues   $30.00    $15.00
Chapter Dues*   $35.00    $17.50
Chorus Jersey   $20.00    $20.00
Total Due with Application: $185.00   $102.50

Monthly chorus dues are $35 and payable on the first of each month thereafter.

Transferring Members

  • Applicants transferring from another chorus need to get a refund of Regional and International dues being held by the chorus she is transferring from.
  • This money needs to be transferred to Song of Sonoma where it will be held in escrow.
  • Transferring members need only pay the monthly chorus dues upon joining.

Dual Members

  • Members who belong to another chorus need only pay the monthly dues.
  • Their primary chorus will collect for International and Regional dues.

*Chapter dues include money which accumulates and is held in escrow for future Regional and International Dues.  

Additional Expenses

  • Members are required to purchase stage makeup and are responsible for any travel and lodging expenses.
  • Our competition costumes and some non-competition costumes belong to the chorus and are paid for by dues. Other costumes, usually for shows, are the responsibility of the individual.