Audition Process

Membership Audition Process

Below is a guideline of Song of Sonoma’s audition process that you will be completing in the next few weeks.  The process can be flexible as it relates to experienced versus novice singers. If you have questions about anything, please ask.

  • Week 1 – WELCOME.  One of our Music Team members will help determine the part that fits your range the best and will have you stand next to someone in that part to assist you.
  • Week 2 – You will be provided a link to download the learning tracks of our current audition song(s) to help you learn your part of the song(s) and receive sheet music in an email attachment from Sharon.
  • Week 3 or 4 – PRACTICE QUARTET(S).  If you wish, we will set up an informal quartet with which you can practice the audition song(s).
  • Week 4, 5 or 6 – AUDITION.  You will sing the SOS audition song(s) in a quartet with members of the Music Team. The audition is done without sheet music.  Its main purpose is to determine that you can hold your part.   Following the audition, the results will be given to you by the Audition Manager and/or the Musical Director.  You may repeat any step of the audition process at the discretion of the Music Team or Director.

NOTE:   You may audition any time you feel ready, even the first week.  Application for membership requires 3 times in attendance and a successful audition.  It is expected that the audition process be completed within six visits.  At the discretion of the music team, this time may be extended if circumstances warrant. Scheduling for practice quartets and/or auditions should be arranged with anyone on the Membership Team or with the Director. Again, if you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask!

Tessa Murray
Membership Coordinator