On the Risers

Riser Etiquette

Here is a specific riser etiquette that befits a Gold Medal Chorus. In agreeing to and practicing what follows, we members commit to treating our rehearsals as if they were performances. Remember, we practice to perform!

WAIT! If you arrive late, or step down from the risers and are returning, simply stand on the side and wait until invited by the Director to take your place.

No Crossing. Under no circumstances should anyone ever cross in front of the Director while getting on the risers. If crossing to the far side of the risers, walk behind her, or circle behind the risers.

Have Fun…. by enjoying the great stuff the Director has to offer. Save your fun with your neighbor until after the rehearsal. (Exception – see Ten Second Rule)

Ten Second Rule. If the Director has not addressed the chorus within ten seconds, then you can talk quietly with your riser neighbor until the Director resumes. Keep your eye on the Director so you know when she has resumed, and then immediately give her your attention.

Listen, Don’t Fix. Often when there’s a pause, chorus members try to correct their own mistakes or those of their neighbors. Although this may seem important, RESIST. You will miss important comments from the Director that affect everyone in the chorus. Bear in mind that the answers will come from out front!

Listen, Don’t Sing. When the Director is demonstrating how to sing a particular passage, do not sing with her. She’s usually doing it to demonstrate micro-differences in pitch, nuances of vocal quality, or in some cases, notes or words. If you sing with her, you keep yourself and everyone else from hearing her and instead, you become the example. That keeps us all from learning from the expert.

Listen, Don’t Hum or Sing. When the pitch pipe is sounding, don’t hum the pitch. It keeps you and everyone else from hearing the pitch accurately.

When the Director is speaking to the chorus, don’t pass the time singing or reviewing your part. It makes it difficult for all of us to pay her proper attention and to learn, because instead we’re paying at least some attention to you.

When the Director is working with a section other than yours, don’t sneak-sing your part with them. you may think no one will notice, but it’s guaranteed the Director will notice, and be distracted by it. Rather, pay attention to what is being taught and apply it to your own part.

Be Courteous to your Neighbors. Do not wear anything scented to rehearsals, shows, or contests. Many of your riser-mates have allergies and cannot tolerate “scents”.

Be Safe. Don’t set water bottles, music, or other personal items on the risers, they are a tripping hazard.