Standing Rules

STANDING RULES Song of Sonoma Chapter Sweet Adelines International Santa Rosa, CA October 2010






1.. Membership is open to women who are 18 years of age or older.


  1. Membership is also open to women under the age of 18 with the following provisions: 1) Prospective members under the age of 18 are required to have a sponsor who is a current active member in the chorus as defined in Song of Sonoma

Chorus Chapter Handbook; 2) She must have a Parental Consent Form for Prospective

Youth Members under 18 Years of Age and a Temporary Guardianship and Medical Authorization Form, signed by their parent or legal guardian, in their personal file.  Prospective members under the age of 18 will be given the appropriate consent forms prior to auditioning.


  1. Each prospective member must audition before the Chorus Director and/or members of the Music Staff, as designated. The purpose of the audition is to assure the prospective member can hold her part independently of the other 3 parts and to determine potential ability to be trained to sing four-part harmony, barbershop style. If the prospective member is unable to pass the audition, she may be given a second audition.


  1. To be eligible to audition, a prospective member must attend a minimum of three (3) rehearsals. During these first three (3) rehearsals, the prospective member will be instructed in the basics of the organization and informed of the Audition Procedure. The application for membership and copies of the Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules shall be presented to the prospective member for review prior to scheduling an audition.


  1. A prospective member shall be notified of the audition results as soon as possible following the audition.




  1. Upon successful completion of her audition, her application for membership will be presented to the Chorus for a vote regarding acceptance or non-acceptance.

Acceptance requires a majority affirmative vote of members present, who are in good standing.   If voted in, she will be notified, in writing, of her acceptance and will receive her own copy of the SOS Membership Handbook from the Membership Coordinator/Manager.  This Handbook contains the Performance Policy, the SAI International Standard Chapter Bylaws, the SOS Standing Rules, the SOS

Management Team Responsibilities and copies of the SOS Youth Member Forms.  The Handbook contains policies for Chapter dues, music, costumes/property, and performance. Located in the Performance Policy is the Chorus Member Agreement with the Chorus, which will need to be signed by the applicant and returned to the Membership Coordinator upon acceptance into membership.


  1. Upon acceptance, the prospective member’s SAI International application form and the required fee shall be submitted to International Headquarters Office and the Region 12 assessment shall be forwarded to the Regional Financial Coordinator. All new members (excluding transferring members) will begin payment of Chapter dues on the first Tuesday of the month following acceptance.


  1. If a request for membership is declined, the applicant shall be notified in writing by the Team Coordinator and informed that a new request for membership can be considered after one (1) year.


  1. Transfer from another Sweet Adeline Chapter by a member who is in good standing with her former chapter, Region, and SAI may be accepted, provided she meets all of the Chapter membership and audition requirements. Appropriate forms will be submitted to SAI and Region 12.


  1. FEES


  1. The total annual financial obligation per member shall be assessed based upon the following: International Per Capita, Regional Assessment, and yearly Chapter dues, as outlined in the Song of Sonoma Chorus Chapter Application/Agreement.


  1. International per capita dues and Regional assessments are due on the member’s anniversary date, or May 1 annually, whichever is applicable. The Finance Coordinator will pay International per capita dues and Regional assessments from funds in escrow. These escrow funds will be collected as part of monthly dues and held on the member’s behalf for this purpose.


  1. The Chapter dues assessment is payable monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. Any member whose Chapter dues are not paid within thirty (30) days shall be considered not to be in good standing (in default).


  1. Any member in default (loss of good standing) in the payment of Chapter dues shall be suspended from all privileges of membership, and, if after notice in writing, the default is not remedied within a period of sixty (60) days, the membership of such member shall terminate automatically.




  1. Any member who finds an extended absence necessary (more than four (4) consecutive weeks) must notify the Management Team via the Membership Coordinator in writing. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for notifying the member’s Section Leader and the Director.


  1. Chapter dues must be kept current during any period of a leave of absence.


  1. Any member on an extended absence will be encouraged to participate in Chapter activities.


  1. Participation in performances will be contingent upon meeting the requirements as stated in the Chapter Performance Policy.




  1. A member is considered to be in good standing if her Chapter Dues and assessments are current.


  1. A member must be notified in writing of loss of her good standing by the Finance Coordinator. See item C. 3 & 4.


  1. A loss of good standing causes the member to forgo these membership privileges:
    1. Voting (exception-if dues are current the member may vote on membership applications).
    2. Participating in chorus performances.
    3. Participating in competition.




  1. Costumes & Music: Each member shall have in her personal file a signed SOS Member Agreement, which specifies her obligation to the chorus.  Music is considered Chapter property.  Costumes purchased by the member are the property of the member.  See Section VIII.


  1. If a member leaves the chapter, an offer may be made to purchase her costumes at a “buy back” price established by the Management Team.


  1. Public Performance: Each member should make every effort to participate in each performance given by the chorus, subject to adherence to the Performance Policy of the Chapter.




  1. Resignation: Any member who wishes to resign from the Chapter must do so in writing to the Management Team via the Membership Coordinator. Her membership responsibilities, including Chapter dues, remain in force until this written notice is received. Membership Coordinator will provide the resigning member with appropriate forms/options for Chapter-At-Large and/or Member-At-Large.


  1. Transfer: A member may apply for transfer of membership to any other Sweet Adelines International chapter by following the correct procedure for transfer as outlined by International. She should contact the Membership Coordinator for proper guidance.


  1. Forfeiture: Membership is automatically suspended if a member is in default in payment of Chapter dues. Chapter Membership is terminated if the default is not remedied within sixty (60) days of written notice provided by the Finance Coordinator. See C.4.


  1. Removal: Only the International Board of Directors may remove a member from membership in Sweet Adelines International.


  1. Reinstatement of Membership: Former members who have allowed their membership to terminate will be assessed on a case by case basis and may not be required to complete a musical audition, at the Director’s discretion.  Other eligibility requirements under Section IA and be accepted as outlined in Section IB shall be followed.




  1. A Sweet Adeline may hold membership in more than one chapter. The dual member must designate one chapter for payment of international per capita fees.  That chapter is her primary chapter of membership.  She may compete with all chapters of which she is a member.  A dual member must pass her audition, pay her dues (for all chapters and regions to which she belongs), and be accepted into all chapters. She must remain current and in good standing in all chapters in which she participates.







  1. The Management Team will hold a regular meeting once each month. Special circumstances may require additional meetings to be agreed upon by the Team.  The membership will be notified of the date, time and place of these meetings.  These meetings are open to the general membership. Copies of the Team approved minutes will be made available, upon request, to the Chapter membership.


2      A combined meeting consisting of incoming and outgoing Team members shall be held after the Annual Election Meeting but before the beginning of the fiscal year.  Items handled at this meeting will be the review of ongoing projects, long-range planning, and recommendations from outgoing Management Team members.


  1. The Management Team will adhere to the concepts of decision making by consensus as outlined in ADDENDUM: CONSENSUS.  The term “Chair” or “Committee Chair” is used in this article to refer to anyone who is appointed by a Management

Team member to perform a chorus function. The actual title of the position may include the word “chair”, “co-chair”, “manager”, ”leader” or any other terms other than “Coordinator.”




  1. To be a member of the Management Team, candidates must be a member of the Chapter in good standing.


  1. The Management Team shall consist of six (6) members: Team Coordinator, Director, Finance Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Public Relations & Marketing Manager, and Administrative Coordinator.


  1. With the exception of the position of Musical Director, three (3) Team members will be elected by ballot of the membership, with a plurality of votes to elect. Two additional Coordinators shall be appointed by the remaining Management Team members.


  1. The term for the three (3) elected Team members shall be for two (2) years. The Director shall serve as a permanent Team member.   In the first year of implementation two (2) elected Team members shall serve a two (2) year term and one (1) elected Team member shall serve a one (1) year term. In all subsequent years, the membership will alternate between electing one or two (2) Team members.


  1. The term for the two (2) appointed Team member shall be for one (1) year.


  1. Team members may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms in any combination of elected or appointed Management Team positions.


  1. When a mid-term vacancy occurs, the Management Team will appoint a temporary nominating committee chair (no further committee needed) to gather and present nominees to fill the vacancy. A one-week notice to be given to chorus members identifying all persons nominated for Leadership.  Voting to take place at regular rehearsal and majority rule shall be in effect.  Said vacancy to be filled within two weeks of its occurrence.




  1. The Management Team has the responsibility to acknowledge the requests and wishes of the Chapter. They shall make decisions that are in the best interest of the membership and that create an atmosphere of goodwill.


  1. Each Team member will be assigned committees or specific duties. These specific duties of each Coordinator may be found in ADDENDUM:  Management Team Responsibilities.


  1. Any unbudgeted expenditure by a Team member of over one hundred (100) dollars must receive prior approval by the Finance Coordinator, or consensus of the Management Team as, requested by the Finance Coordinator.


  1. In the event a management team member finds it necessary to go on a leave of absence for a period longer than 30 days, the Management team may request her resignation and follow the procedure for filling the vacancy per Article II.B.7.


  1. In the event the Management Team determines that any Team member is unable to perform their duties, and after following appropriate procedures, that Management Team Member will be removed. The Management Team will follow the procedure for filling the vacancy per Article II.B.7.





Specific duties and responsibilities for each member of the Management Team are listed in the ADDENDUM:  Management Team Responsibilities, attached to, and made part of, these Standing Rules.




  1. Required Standing Committees shall be as follows:
    1. Bylaws/Standing Rules
    2. Membership


  1. Additional Standing Committees
    1. Visual Manager

Appointed by Director

  1. Choreography/Showmanship

Appointed by Visual Manager

  1. Events/Property Manager

Appointed by Administrative Coordinator

  1. Records/Secretary Manager

Appointed by Administrative Coordinator


  1. Standing committee chairs may choose committee members as necessary.
    1. The Nominating Committee is composed of no less than three (3) members with one member designated as the Chair.
      1. The Chair of this committee is appointed by the Team Coordinator and ratified by the majority vote of the Management Team.
      2. This committee prepares a slate containing two (2) nominees (if possible) annually for each vacancy on the Management Team to be filled, listing the qualifications of each. The slate is distributed to the membership at least ten (10) days prior to the election meeting.  Midterm vacancies to be filled per item II.B.7.
      3. The Committee will provide absentee ballots by request to any member in good standing who is unable to attend the annual election meeting. The ballot must be returned to the Nominating Chair prior to the annual election.




  1. After advance notice to the membership, the Chorus Director’s selection shall be by two-third (2/3) vote of the total Chapter membership present and in good standing.


GUIDELINES, which are attached hereto and hereby made a part of these Standing Rules.


  1. Annually during the month of August, the Management Team, along with the Chorus Director as a member, should review the Director’s Agreement. Upon the recommendation of the Management Team and after advance notice to the membership, this agreement shall be accepted and renewed by a majority vote of the Chapter membership present and in good standing.


  1. Termination of the Chorus Director’s term of service shall be by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Chapter membership present and in good standing after 10 days’ advance notice to the membership.  See ADDENDUM:  VOTING REGULATIONS.


  1. Specific duties and terms of remuneration are defined in a separate agreement with the Chorus Director (Director/Chorus Agreement), attached hereto and made a part of these Standing Rules.




  1. Every Chapter member is bound by the International and Regional Bylaws and Standing Rules.



  1. The Team Coordinator should attend each meeting of the Regional Leaders Forums and other leadership training opportunities and report to the chapter. If the Team Coordinator is unable to attend, another Team member is to be appointed by the Team Coordinator to attend in her place.


  1. In order to be eligible to compete with the Chapter, new members must be accepted forty-five (45) days prior to the Regional or International Chorus Competition.




  1. Operating income is derived from donations, Chapter dues, grants, musical performances and fundraising projects.


  1. Expenses to be reimbursed by the Chapter or expended from Chapter funds are the

Director’s salary and expenses as defined by the Director/Chorus Agreement.  Other

expenses include coaching fees, rehearsal hall rental, the purchase of music and any  necessary Chapter operational expenditures.


  1. Payment will be made upon presentation of the original itemized receipt, accompanied by a Request for Payment Form, provided the expenditure was properly authorized.




  1. Each Management Team Member shall operate within the budget allotted and shall   take oversight responsibilities for her budgeted allotment.


  1. If a Management Team member finds her budget insufficient, she must request Management Team approval for additional funding.


  1. The Finance Coordinator shall be authorized to sign Chapter checks and only one signature is required. An additional authorized member of the Management Team shall be added to cover instances when the Finance Coordinator is unable to perform this function.




The records maintained by the Chapter Finance Coordinator shall be audited annually by an Audit Committee, appointed by the Management Team and again, if necessary, before the newly elected Finance Coordinator begins her term.  This shall be done as soon as possible after the end of the fiscal year and at least by June 1.  Additionally, the Audit Committee may conduct a midyear review of the books on the recommendation of the Management Team.




The Finance Coordinator or independent auditor for the year IRS forms are to be filed, shall prepare, in duplicate, the required forms in compliance with the rules established by Sweet Adelines International and the Internal Revenue Service.




Chapter property consists of  Member Handbook, Performance Policy, other related manuals, risers, music, audio equipment, visual equipment, show props, etc.  Music is considered to be on loan to the members of each chapter in adherence to existing copyright laws.  A list of Chapter property shall be made a part of the Chapter records and will be updated as other property is acquired. Upon termination of membership, all Chapter property must be returned to the appropriate chair within fifteen (15) days.





Recommendations for amendments to these standing rules shall be proposed to the membership by the Bylaws/Standing Rules Chair with the approval of the Management Team.  These Standing Rules may be amended


  • With one week’s previous notice given to the membership, amendments may be adopted by a majority vote of the members in good standing present.
  • With no previous notice, amendments shall require a 2/3 vote of members present in good standing at a regular or special meeting.


Revised and approved by the Song of Sonoma Chapter membership on this   ______1st__day of __October______ in the year of 2010.






Team Coordinator





Bylaws & Rules Chair   



Reviewed by: ____________________________

                        Regional Bylaws & Rules Chair



Date:              ____________________________     




Making decisions by consensus supports the achievement of the ultimate outcome.  The ultimate outcome for the Song of Sonoma Chorus is a superior musical product.


Making Decisions by Consensus


For some coordinators, consensus will be a new way of making decisions.  Because consensus strives for agreement of everyone on the team, the support of all team members is necessary to generate team goals and solve problems.  If the issue is complicated, try to achieve consensus during each step of the process.


It can be difficult and time-consuming to arrive at consensus, especially if the process is unfamiliar to team members.  One may feel frustrated because the process takes more time than you expected or because you cannot determine an acceptable solution right away.  The team may be tempted to give up on consensus and revert to a power approach.  Some members of the team may become irritated or angry with other team members when they refuse to open up and express their ideas and feelings, are too frank in their criticism of ideas presented for consideration, or are too stubborn in defending their own ideas.  However, with practice, achieving consensus becomes easier and less timeconsuming.


Achieving consensus builds unity.  Small changes or additions to an idea may be enough to satisfy concerns, thereby allowing the group to reach agreement.  Collaboration produces better solutions that result from everyone’s participation and buy-in.


To test for consensus, ask questions such as”  “Do we all agree?”  or “Is this something you can all get behind and work on?” or “Does anyone have a problem with this proposal?”  If a team member says she cannot support an idea, then the group has not reached consensus.  Follow up with a question like:  “How can we change the idea / proposal so that you can live with it?”  Then involve the group in the ensuing discussion.


What Consensus Is:

  • Consensus is a process used to reach agreement. It can be experienced only when everyone has participated in the decision-making process and can support the final decision.
  • Consensus is flexible. The process of reaching consensus often uncovers thoughts and ideas that otherwise might not surface.  Through discussion, sometimes a more creative or different solution is reached than the one originally targeted.  Often groups find routes to agreements that no one recognized when discussion first began.
  • Consensus accommodates varying point of view. Consensus also means that you have a voice and can block decisions that you cannot accept.  However, you must then be prepared to present a viable alternative, not just reject the ideas of others.  One value of a diverse team is hearing many points of view, which can lead to better ideas.  Decisions made by consensus pull people together rather than polarizing them as voting often does.
  • Consensus does not mean saying “yes” when you really mean “no.” It is important that team members be honest and forthright in stating opinions.  Giving your “real” opinion after the meeting to friends over lunch or in the parking lot defeats the team’s purpose.  Lack of commitment and follow-through are almost always the result when the “no’s” are not expressed and fully discussed during team meetings.
  • Consensus is not majority rule. When the minority is forced to go along with the majority, subtle and overt resistance may occur.  Consensus decisions require a degree of discussion and interchange that doesn’t occur in voting.


How Consensus Works


  • Clearly state the issue / needed solution.
  • Keep sight of the group’s objective.
  • Open discussion for possible suggestions / solutions.
  • Allow opportunity for every member to state opinions.
  • Identify an initial solution.
  • Ask for every person’s agreement.
  • If agreement is not reached, identify elements needing further discussion.
  • By changing one of the elements, agreement by everyone can be reached.


If things stall:


  • Take a break for time to think.
  • Assign a task force to investigate further.
  • Change facilitators.









Regarding voting of the following:  1) amendments to Chapter Standing Rules; 2) Director Selection; 3) and all other issues requiring a 2/3 majority.



  1. Director Selection:


  1. When more than 2 candidates are involved, each vote shall eliminate the candidate with the least amount of votes until there are just two (2) candidates.
  2. If, after 4 votes have been taken for the two remaining candidates and a written two-thirds (2/3) vote is not achieved, the Standing Rule shall be waived for that election and the decision will be made by a simple majority (51%) of the members in good standing who are present for voting.
  3. Absentee votes will be counted for their respective candidate and included as members in good standing who are present for voting.


  1. For amendments to Standing Rules and all other issues requiring a two-third (2/3), vote as outlined in the Chapter, Regional and International Bylaws and Standing Rules:


  1. If, after 4 votes have been taken and a two-thirds (2/3) vote is not achieved, the Standing Rule shall be waived for that election and the decision will be made by a simple majority (51%) of the members in good standing who are present for voting.
  2. Absentee votes will be counted and included as members in good standing who are present for voting.










ADDENDUM:  Director Search Guidelines



Immediately upon receipt of the written resignation of the Chorus Director, the Team Coordinator shall take action to form a Director Search and Interview Committee.  The number of members in the DSIC to be determined by the Management Team.  Five (5) are recommended for this service.


The Management Team shall determine whether a period of time with a contracted Interim Director is needed.  Compensation to the Interim Director and responsibilities of the Interim Director shall be spelled out in a written and signed Interim Director/Chorus contract.  The Management Team shall work with the current Director in planning rehearsals, deciding on the Director’s role in the transition process.  The Interim Director with whom the Management Team contracts shall not be an active applicant for the director position.


Names of those members interested in serving on the DSIC shall be presented to the chorus for vote and those with the highest number of votes shall remain in service throughout the director search process and through the new director transition period.  Management Team members are not excluded from this service.  It is recommended that this committee have representation from the musical leaders, management team and general membership.  Upon election to the DSIC, the committee will, by consensus, determine a Chair.


The DSIC is charged with, but not limited to, the following tasks:


  1. Seeing that appropriate advertisements are made to invite applications for director of the chorus in conjunction with the appropriate chorus communications chair.
  2. Conducting an adequate survey of chorus members to determine qualifications that the new director will need to possess.
  3. Receiving and reviewing incoming applications, including the contact of references given, with full authority to deny an application that lacks the required qualifications.
  4. Arranging and conducting interviews with each candidate with full authority to deny an applicant who lacks the required qualifications.
  5. Arranging appointments for audition rehearsals for each candidate in conjunction with the Director or Interim Director.
  6. Reporting weekly to the Management Team as to actions taken and results.
  7. Recommending two or more candidates to the Management Team for presentation to the chorus for vote.
  8. Assisting the new director when needed for a transition period of 6 weeks.








Coordinator Responsibilities

Team Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Facilitating the overall coordination of the Management Team
  • Conducting internal chorus communications
  • Being the conduit for most communications from the Regional and International Sweet Adelines organizations
  • Conducting meetings of the Management Team
  • Conducting needed business meetings of the chorus membership (may designate another)
  • Maintaining the chorus master calendar in conjunction with Chorus Director and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator
  • Insuring that decisions made by the Management Team are communicated regularly and accurately to the chorus members
  • Producing the quarterly chorus newsletter
  • Appointing Communications/Web Manager
  • Implementing other systems of communications to chorus members (e.g., mailboxes, e-mail lists)
  • Overseeing the nominating committee and appointing its Chair
  • Keeping the director’s contract current
  • Negotiating contracts (or her appointee)
  • Appointing and/or participating in the long-range planning committee
  • Bringing changes to governing documents to the membership for discussion and vote

Finance Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Managing all aspects of chorus finance
  • depositing funds
  • writing checks
  • balancing the checkbook
  • keeping books and producing reports
  • Implementing the chorus financial philosophies and practices
  • Recording and tracking monthly and annual budget
  • Tracking income and expenditures to that budget
  • Completing and submitting tax documents
  • Maintaining a long range financial plan
  • Obtaining semi-annual budget-adherence reports from all Coordinators
  • Billing and collecting of chorus, regional, and international dues
  • Tracking the financial status and standing of chorus members
  • Appointing Chair for the purpose of writing and obtaining grants
  • Providing new member education regarding financial responsibilities Membership Coordinator—responsible for:
  • Supporting and encouraging members, prospective members, and guests at chorus rehearsals and educational workshops
  • Developing programs for education of new members
  • Developing programs for incorporating new members into the chorus
  • Communicating with absent members
  • Providing correspondence and guidance regarding member transitions chorus transfers, transfers to CAL, Leaves of Absence
  • Organizing ways to welcome guests (signups, badges, etc) to the chorus
  • Providing registration and hospitality functions to which the general public is invited

      in conjunction with the Events Manager

  • Putting together new member packets, Member Handbook, guest books
  • Appointing Member Outreach/Sunshine Chair for sending cards for birthdays, get well and others
  • Providing gifts given on behalf of the chorus
  • Working in conjunction with the Director on internal quartet promotion
  • Planning chorus social events including parties in conjunction with Events/Operations Manager
  • Maintaining an accurate chorus roster

Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Presenting the chorus to the general public
  • Coordinating written communications and other publications of the chorus that may be seen by the general public, including but not limited to flyers and web pages
  • Developing and maintaining a marketing/PR plan
  • Providing contact with the community through which the chorus can obtain performance opportunities and recruit new members
  • Creating Sweet Adelines Regional and International communications (for example, articles about the chorus in the Stroke of 12 and Pitch Pipe)
  • Managing the chorus mailing list, public web site, and hotline
  • Maintaining an accurate list of former members for performance mailing lists
  • Using chorus quartets, who have auditioned, when needed for promoting and marketing the chorus
  • Planning the marketing strategies and advertisement for chorus performances and shows
  • Working in conjunction with the Chorus Director, Visual Coordinator and

Finance Coordinator regarding show planning.  May appoint a Performance Manager for this purpose

  • Planning/designing and implementing the production of show ads when needed
  • Appointing and overseeing appropriate Chairpersons for all fundraising activities of the chorus outside of shows and performances
  • Maintaining an accurate master calendar of chorus events

Administrative Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Maintaining accurate and current resource materials including but not limited to: Bylaws, Standing Rules, all governing documents, Master Calendar, contracts, correspondence to/from chorus, Performance Policy, these Job Descriptions, Member Handbook, member Roster, minutes of Management Team and chorus meetings for a period of three (3) years.
  • Appointing Events/Operations Manager and overseeing that position as described below.
  • Appointing Records/Secretary Manager and overseeing that position as described below.

Events/Operations Manager (appointed by Administrative Coordinator) — responsible for:

  • Implementing chorus social activities in conjunction with Membership Coordinator
  • organizing and carrying out chorus parties and events other than shows in conjunction with Membership Coordinator
  • Arranging the physical and social arrangements for “away from home” retreats
  • Coordinating signups and other arrangements, including travel, when the chorus is attending regional and international events.
  • Facilitating the overall responsibility when the chorus is serving as Host Chorus for a Regional AIM Weekend.
  • Managing the physical arrangements for chorus rehearsals and meetings
  • arranging the rehearsal hall each week, setting up risers when needed
  • Managing existing facilities
  • scheduling, contracts, insurance, etc. in conjunction with Chorus Director and Team Coordinator
  • searching for new and/or additional facilities for rehearsals and meeting facilities
  • maintaining and providing transportation and storage for chorus equipment such as risers, sound system, music stand, posters, banners, audio and visual tapes
  • assisting with facility and riser arrangements for chorus events, as needed.

Records/Secretary Manager (Appointed by Administrative Coordinator)-responsible for:

  • keeping records/minutes of all management team and chorus business meetings
  • sending correspondence on behalf of the chorus
  • arranging for gifts on behalf of the chorus (external)
  • maintaining chorus history and archives, including trophies, history books, yearbooks, and so forth

Musical Coordinator/Chorus Director—responsible for:

  • Participating in Long-range planning in conjunction with Team Coordinator and other appointed committee members
  • Planning and implementing weekly rehearsals
  • Selecting and training Music Staff per Chorus/Director Agreement
  • Appointing coach liaison for securing coaches and negotiating those contracts.
  • Appointing Music Librarian
  • Appointing Music Services Manager for music search, learning media
  • Developing a program for new member education in vocal skills and the barbershop art form
  • Maintaining a Master Calendar in conjunction with Team Coordinator and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator
  • Working in conjunction with Performance Manager on performance requests and shows
  • Working in conjunction with Performance Manager and Visual Manager regarding scripts and emcees for performances
  • Developing audition procedures for prospective members
  • Incorporating quartet promotion and encouragement in rehearsal planning and performance planning
  • Appointing the Visual Manager and overseeing that position as described below:

Visual Manager (Appointed by Director)—responsible for:

  • Appointing (in collaboration with Chorus Director) the

Choreography/Showmanship Team who will design and teach the visual presentation to the chorus.  See Director/Chorus Agreement.

  • Designing and implementing purchase or production of all chorus costuming in collaboration with Chorus Director.
  • Designing and implementing purchase of appropriate performance makeup.
  • Working in conjunction with Chorus Director, Management Team and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator on all chorus shows and performances
  • Working in conjunction with the above and Performance Manager regarding scripts and emcees for performances and shows
  • Developing a program for new member education regarding stage grooming







PURPOSE:      The purpose of the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS Performance Policy is to        maintain and provide a high level of quality performing for the general public and the individual chorus member.




  1. PERFORMANCE MANAGER: The Performance Manager will notify the Director immediately (within 48 hours) of requests for performances.  Information to be given at the time of notification is to include, but not be limited to:


Date & Time

Name of Group

Purpose of Event


Length of Performance Requested

Performance Space Limitations

Physical Arrangements – Risers Needed

Pay/No Pay


  1. DIRECTOR: The Director shall have the authority to accept/decline performances on behalf of the chorus.  The Director shall inform the Performance manager within one week of notification of the chorus’ availability to accept a performance.  Should the chorus be unable to perform, the Director shall inform the Performance manager of approved quartets to be contacted that may be available to accept the performance.


  1. DIRECTOR: The Director shall have the authority to approve/disapprove all members’ qualification to perform.  Performance qualification will be handled on a case by case basis and determined on input from the following:


  1. SECTION LEADERS and/or SONG LEADERS (Music Team): Each section

leader will provide the Director with the names of all section members qualified to perform based on musical proficiency (see No. 4).


  1. VISUAL MANAGER: The Visual Team will make recommendations to the

Director regarding members qualified to perform visually, as requested.


  1. FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: The Financial Manager will notify the Director regarding members who are currently not in good standing regarding payment of dues and/or fees.


  1. MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR: The Membership Chairman will notify the Director of any member not in attendance for two consecutive weeks prior to a performance, as requested.


  1. CHORUS MEMBERS: Members shall be current on all music, visual plans, dues, and attendance before performing with the Chorus for all performances or competitions.  However, the Director makes the final decision regarding readiness.



All forms of media (mp3, CDs, and sheet music) are provided to members as learning tools.  Members must demonstrate proficiency for each song to be performed in any performance.  Proof of proficiency will be considered by the Director and the appropriate Music Team member(s) on a per-case basis.  In order to achieve a unit sound and present a performance pleasing to an audience, this guideline must be Priority #1.  The Music Team is always available to provide help on an individual basis.


When possible, video tapes may be provided to members as visual learning tools.  Members may be required to pass a visual audition based on criteria set forth by the Visual Team and the Director.  Members returning from Leave of Absence will be held to the same standards as regularly-attending members and before singing in performances or competition and will communicate with the Director (or her appointee) concerning readiness.  The timeline for this readiness will be at the Director’s discretion.  Audition criteria (if one is in place), as well as the audition process to be used, will be announced prior to the audition.


Because of weekly changes, members on Leave of Absence, or those members who fail to attend the two (2) rehearsals immediately prior to a performance may not perform with the Chorus without prior approval from the Director.  All members are to attend on-site rehearsals for competitions (regional or international). Exceptions regarding attendance are at the Director’s discretion – prior communication is expected for these exceptions.


Each member is responsible for musical and visual proficiency, keeping dues and/or fees current, keeping chorus costumes in good condition, and attending rehearsals.  In addition, each chorus member agrees to abide by the guidelines in these Performance Policies.


DUAL MEMBERS:  Dual members are expected to meet and adhere to all standards as full members, including Standing Rules, these Performances Policies, music/performance readiness and attendance


Dual members are expected to attend all rehearsals and coaching sessions just as full members.  Dual members are expected to perform in at least one chorus show or performance prior to a competition in order to demonstrate readiness.


ATTENDANCE:  current chorus procedures regarding attendance include a chorus meeting and vote prior to each larger performance event (usually 8-10 weeks prior).  This meeting will determine the number of permissible absences prior to that event.  ALL members are expected to support this requirement and take personal responsibility to meet it.


All members are expected to make arrangements with either Song Leaders or Visual Team members for private sessions to ‘catch up’ should an absence be necessary.  The Director shall be notified when these arrangements have been



Performance readiness, including all factors of musical and vocal readiness along with attendance shall be considered at the Director’s discretion.



  1. QUARTET PERFORMANCE POLICY: Quartets are encouraged to become a part

of the overall chorus performance package.  The following guidelines from Section IX of the SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL Chapter Guide have been adapted for the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS and shall be used in determining quartets approved for public performances and those who may represent SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS.




In order to help ensure quality public performances from quartets, SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS has established an audition procedure to determine a quartet’s readiness for public performance.


Audition Requirements:


  1. Before any quartet performs publicly as Sweet Adelines International members they must pass an audition.


  1. When the audition procedure is first established, all existing quartets shall be required to audition.


  1. If one or more voice parts are changed, the quartet must re-audition.


  1. If quartets have members from more than one chapter, they should adhere to audition policies as defined by each of the chapters.


  1. Any quartet formed specifically to sing at a one-time performance, i.e., a chapter show, church service, or club meeting, should be required to audition, but needs no emcee material unless the performance requires it.


Audition Procedure


  1. The purpose of auditioning performing quartets is not only to ensure the quality of our performing groups, but also to assist them in improving the quality of their performance. It is always difficult to sing for your peers, and even more so when you know they are evaluating your performance.  Quartets will feel more at ease if they are aware of the audition procedure and the areas in which they will be evaluated.  A sample letter, to inform the quartet members of audition procedures, along with a sample evaluation form, is attached to this Performance Policy.


  1. The audition will be conducted by the chorus Director(s) and the Music Staff. The Regional Education Coordinator, or her representative, is to audition all Chapter-At-Large quartets.


  1. The auditioning quartet will be required to present a mini-performance of three or more songs, including appropriate emcee material. It is preferred that at least Two of the required songs be strong, square barbershop arrangements.  Quartets

formed for a one time performance will not be required to present a mini performance.


  1. Singing in a Regional Quartet Competition does not qualify a quartet for public singing performances.




the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS, chorus members and quartets shall remain in effect until such time as the Management Team or Music Staff feels a change is necessary.  Should changes be made to this policy, the chorus and the quartet members will be notified as soon as possible.  All members will receive a copy of this policy.





















Dear (Name of Quartet):


Congratulations on your new adventure into quarteting!  A primary goal of our chapter is to encourage the formation of quartets for reasons which are advantageous to the growth of individual members and to the entertainment value of the chorus.  We want quartets who perform as representatives of SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL and of SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS to succeed, to sing well, to entertain and to enjoy themselves in the process.


The International Chapter Guide requires that before SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL quartets perform publicly, they must pass an audition conducted by the Director/Music Staff.  The purpose of the audition is to ensure that a new quartet is prepared both musically and emotionally to face an audience and to perform and entertain them.  SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS is complying with this requirement.


The Director and Music Staff have several suggestions to help you prepare for your audition:


  1. To give yourselves a unified feeling, a costume should be worn (perhaps a chorus travel outfit, if quartet costumes are not available).
  2. If you would like some help before your audition, or simply wish to have someone listen to you, ask a member of the Music Staff or the Director.
  3. Ask the Director to schedule the time for your audition at least one week in advance. Plan for your audition far enough in advance of tentative public performances to allow time for making changes, if necessary.


If you are planning to sing for a church service, or a similar one-time performance, only one song will be required with no emcee material unless the performance requires it.  However, if you plan to register and/or become a regularly performing quartet, you must sing three or more songs with appropriate emcee material.  It is preferred that at least two of the required songs be strong, square barbershop arrangements.


Attached is a copy of the Audition Evaluation which will be completed by the Director and the members of the Music Staff.  After your audition is completed, you will be advised of the results with overall recommendations, as appropriate.  If you have any questions, ask the Director.


Have fun and keep singing!





The Music Staff







 Person(s) or Group




  Passed  ___________


Re-audition  _______


When  ____________

                                    A. One-time  performance for Community Show Other

Number of songs to be performed:  ________ Group  __________

Emceeing required?    Yes____  No______________ __________ __________

               B. To register and be a regularly performing quartet:  _________________________________
       II. PERFORMANCE: Passed Re-


Needs Improvement
        A. Use of predominantly barbershop


        B. Singing correct notes and words      
        C.  Show understanding of good vocal


        D. Exhibit audience rapport      
            E. Planned movements appropriate and                           synchronized      
The remainder of the sheet is to be used for quartets that perform other than in a one-time event.
        A. Costume:          Properly fitted      
                                         Clean, pressed, in good shape      
                                     Appropriate undergarments      
       IV. EMCEE:
            Introduces songs with appropriate material         and in good taste.
            Performance has beginning and ending and       is tied together in an interesting manner.      





As a member of the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS, I have read and agree to abide by the

Chorus Performance Policy, revised edition June 2015.


I agree that Performance Excellence is our number one priority and I understand that the requirement to show musical and visual proficiency is necessary to ensure the quality of the entire product.  In addition, I realize that to participate in a chorus performance I must be approved by the Director.  Approval is based on achieving musical and visual proficiency, being in good standing financially and attending at least the two (2) rehearsals prior to any performance.  Exceptions regarding attendance are at the Director’s discretion.  Performances include but are not limited to shows, singing performances in the community, and competition.


















For Prospective Members under 18 Years of Age



Of Sweet Adelines International

Santa Rosa, California




  1. I agree to accept responsibility to arrange for my daughter’s transportation to and from all Sweet Adeline International functions, including rehearsals and performances, as well as all other local, regional, and international functions she attends.
  2. I agree that at least one parent or chaperone* will accompany my daughter to all Sweet Adeline International overnight functions and any activity outside the Chorus’s membership drawing area.
  3. I shall maintain legal and financial responsibility for my daughter’s activities during her participation in all Sweet Adeline International functions, whether local, regional, or international.
  4. I acknowledge that I understand the dues schedule as it pertains to my daughter’s membership. I also understand that membership includes additional expenses (costumes, makeup, travel costs, etc.).
  5. I accept all of the above agreements, which will be in effect through my daughter’s 18th


  • A chaperone is determined to be an adult over 21 years of age, preferably female, who will agree to assume the responsibility for my daughter in the absence of the parent. A chaperone will be granted temporary guardianship and medical authorization, by completing the form shown as the attachment. It is not the responsibility of the SONG OF SONOMA Chorus to provide a chaperone.


__________                      _________________________________________

Date                                         Parent or Guardian’s Signature




I have read and agree to the Standing Rules of the SONG OF SONOMA Chorus, and fully understand the responsibilities of the member


__________                        __________________________________________

Date                                         Parent or Guardian’s Signature

Temporary Guardianship/Medical Authorization Form For members under 18 years of age



 Sweet Adelines International

Santa Rosa, CA


I, the undersigned, as parent of ___________________________________ do hereby grant temporary guardianship of my daughter to _______________________________________,

under whose supervision I request that she be allowed to travel, attend functions, and perform with the SONG OF SONOMA Chorus of Sweet Adelines International.  I do hereby consent to release the SONG OF SONOMA Chorus and Sweet Adelines International and any and all of its agents from any liability arising out of or in any manner related to transportation by, attendance at, or performance with the SONG OF SONOMA Chorus.


In the event of a medical emergency when I cannot be reached, I give permission to the physician selected by ____________________________________ to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for the minor named above.


_________________  _________________________________ Date signed   Parent/Guardian



Emergency Information


I have read this and agree to accept the temporary guardianship of _________________________.


_________________                           _________________________________         ___________________

Date signed                                          Temporary Guardian                                          Membership ID #




Mother______________________   Address______________________________  Home Tel.______________


Mother______________________   Address______________________________  Home Tel.______________


Health Insurance Co.____________________________________           Policy









Phone ____________________________                                      Phone ____________________________


Name, purpose, and dosage of any medication currently being taken:



Please list any known






As a member of the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS, I have read and agree to abide by the Chorus Performance Policy 2010, first edition.


I agree that Performance Excellence is our number one priority and I understand that the requirement to show musical and visual proficiency is necessary to ensure the quality of the entire product.  In addition, I realize that to participate in a chorus performance I must be approved by the Director.  Approval is based on achieving musical and visual proficiency, being in good standing financially and attending the two (2) rehearsals prior to any performance.  Exceptions regarding attendance are at the Director’s discretion.  Performances include but are not limited to shows, singing performances in the community, and competition.