Quartet Auditioning

Guidelines for Auditioning Quartets

In order to help ensure quality public performances from quartets, SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS has established an audition procedure to determine a quartet’s readiness for public performance.

Audition Requirements

  1. Before any quartet performs publicly as Sweet Adelines International members
    they must pass an audition.
  2. When the audition procedure is first established, all existing quartets shall be
    required to audition.
  3. If one or more voice parts are changed, the quartet must re-audition.
  4. If quartets have members from more than one chapter, they should adhere to
    audition policies as defined by each of the chapters.
  5. Any quartet formed specifically to sing at a one-time performance, i.e., a
    chapter show, church service, or club meeting, should be required to audition, but
    needs no emcee material unless the performance requires it.

Audition Procedure

  1.  The purpose of auditioning performing quartets is not only to ensure the quality of our performing groups, but also to assist them in improving the quality of their performance. It is always difficult to sing for your peers, and even more so when you know they are evaluating your performance. Quartets will feel more at ease if they are aware of the audition procedure and the areas in which they will be evaluated. A sample letter, to inform the quartet members of audition procedures, along with a sample evaluation form, is attached to this Performance Policy.
  2. The audition will be conducted by the chorus Director(s) and the Music Staff. The Regional Education Coordinator, or her representative, is to audition all Chapter-At-Large quartets.
  3. The auditioning quartet will be required to present a mini-performance of three or more songs, including appropriate emcee material. It is preferred that at least Two of the required songs be strong, square barbershop arrangements. Quartets formed for a one time performance will not be required to present a mini performance.
  4. Singing in a Regional Quartet Competition does not qualify a quartet for public singing performances.

MODIFICATIONS TO THE PERFORMANCE POLICY: The Performance Policy of the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS, chorus members and quartets shall remain in effect until such time as the Management Team or Music Staff feels a change is necessary. Should changes be made to this policy, the chorus and the quartet members will be notified as soon as possible. All members will receive a copy of
this policy.

Sample Letter Given to Quartet Members Prior to Audition

Dear (Name of Quartet):
Congratulations on your new adventure into quarteting! A primary goal of our chapter is to
encourage the formation of quartets for reasons which are advantageous to the growth of
individual members and to the entertainment value of the chorus. We want quartets who
perform as representatives of SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL and of SONG OF
SONOMA CHORUS to succeed, to sing well, to entertain and to enjoy themselves in the
The International Chapter Guide requires that before SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL
quartets perform publicly, they must pass an audition conducted by the Director/Music Staff.
The purpose of the audition is to ensure that a new quartet is prepared both musically and
emotionally to face an audience and to perform and entertain them. SONG OF SONOMA
CHORUS is complying with this requirement.

The Director and Music Staff have several suggestions to help you prepare for your audition:

  1.  To give yourselves a unified feeling, a costume should be worn (perhaps a chorus travel outfit, if quartet costumes are not available).
  2. If you would like some help before your audition, or simply wish to have someone listen to you, ask a member of the Music Staff or the Director.
  3. Ask the Director to schedule the time for your audition at least one week in advance. Plan for your audition far enough in advance of tentative public performances to allow time for making changes, if necessary.

If you are planning to sing for a church service, or a similar one-time performance, only one
song will be required with no emcee material unless the performance requires it. However, if
you plan to register and/or become a regularly performing quartet, you must sing three or more
songs with appropriate emcee material. It is preferred that at least two of the required songs be
strong, square barbershop arrangements.

Below is a copy of the Audition Evaluation which will be completed by the Director and the
members of the Music Staff. After your audition is completed, you will be advised of the results
with overall recommendations, as appropriate. If you have any questions, ask the Director.

Have fun and keep singing!
The Music Staff