All announcements will be made either at rehearsals during the “business” portion or via e-mail.

Riser Etiquette

During rehearsals, it is important that we make use of our time wisely. Therefore, talking is discouraged while on the risers. The director may ask you for your input or may give you direction that requires working with fellow members, but casual conversation is not appropriate. Due to the close physical proximity of members on the risers, it is important that there be no perfume or scented hairspray worn. For performances, unscented hairspray should be used.

Rehearsal Hall

We rent our spaces for rehearsal and it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the area in which we rehearse. Please respect the customs of the owners of the rehearsal hall.

Chorus Policies

To assist any member that might need help with words or music for a performance song, quality-assurance programs are defined in the Performance Policy herein. Members must be proficient on each song prior to performing it so that we may provide a musical performance we’re proud to present to our audiences.

Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Management Team Responsibilities can be found here. They contain the specific information by which SONG OF SONOMA Chorus is governed.