Performance Policy


The purpose of the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS Performance Policy is to maintain and provide a high level of quality performing for the general public and the individual chorus member.


1. PERFORMANCE MANAGER: The Performance Manager will notify the Director immediately (within 48 hours) of requests for performances. Information to begiven at the time of notification is to include, but not be limited to:

  • Date & Time
  • Name of Group
  • Purpose of Event
  • Location
  • Length of Performance Requested
  • Performance Space Limitations
  • Physical Arrangements – Risers Needed
  • Pay/No Pay

2. DIRECTOR: The Director shall have the authority to accept/decline performances on behalf of the chorus. The Director shall inform the Performance manager within one week of notification of the chorus’ availability to accept a performance. Should the chorus be unable to perform, the Director shall inform the Performance manager of approved quartets to be contacted that may be available to accept the performance.

3. DIRECTOR: The Director shall have the authority to approve/disapprove all members’ qualification to perform. Performance qualification will be handled on a case by case basis and determined on input from the following:

a. SECTION LEADERS and/or SONG LEADERS (Music Team): Each section
leader will provide the Director with the names of all section members qualified to
perform based on musical proficiency (see No. 4).
b. VISUAL MANAGER: The Visual Team will make recommendations to the
Director regarding members qualified to perform visually, as requested.
c. FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: The Financial Manager will notify the Director
regarding members who are currently not in good standing regarding payment of
dues and/or fees.
d. MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR: The Membership Chairman will notify the
Director of any member not in attendance for two consecutive weeks prior to a
performance, as requested.

4. CHORUS MEMBERS: Members shall be current on all music, visual plans, dues, and attendance before performing with the Chorus for all performances or competitions. However, the Director makes the final decision regarding readiness.

  • All forms of media (mp3, CDs, and sheet music) are provided to members as
    learning tools.
  • Members must demonstrate proficiency for each song to be
    performed in any performance.
  • Proof of proficiency will be considered by the Director and the appropriate Music Team member(s) on a per-case basis. In order to achieve a unit sound and present a performance pleasing to an audience, this guideline must be Priority #1.
  • The Music Team is always available to provide help on an individual basis.
  • When possible, video tapes may be provided to members as visual learning tools.
  • Members may be required to pass a visual audition based on criteria set forth by
    the Visual Team and the Director.
  • Members returning from Leave of Absence will be held to the same standards as regularly-attending members and before singing in performances or competition and will communicate with the Director (or her appointee) concerning readiness. The timeline for this readiness will be at the
    Director’s discretion.
  • Audition criteria (if one is in place), as well as the audition process to be used, will be announced prior to the audition.
  • Because of weekly changes, members on Leave of Absence, or those members who fail to attend the two (2) rehearsals immediately prior to a performance may not perform with the Chorus without prior approval from the Director.
  • All members are to attend on-site rehearsals for competitions (regional or international).
  • Exceptions regarding attendance are at the Director’s discretion – prior communication is expected for these exceptions.
  • Each member is responsible for musical and visual proficiency, keeping dues and/or fees current, keeping chorus costumes in good condition, and attending rehearsals.
  • In addition, each chorus member agrees to abide by the guidelines in these Performance Policies.
  • DUAL MEMBERS: Dual members are expected to meet and adhere to all standards as full members, including Standing Rules, these Performances Policies, music/performance readiness and attendance Dual members are expected to attend all rehearsals and coaching sessions just as
    full members. Dual members are expected to perform in at least one chorus show or performance prior to a competition in order to demonstrate readiness.
  • ATTENDANCE: current chorus procedures regarding attendance include a chorus meeting and vote prior to each larger performance event (usually 8-10 weeks prior). This meeting will determine the number of permissible absences prior to that event. ALL members are expected to support this requirement and take personal responsibility to meet it.
  • All members are expected to make arrangements with either Song Leaders or Visual Team members for private sessions to ‘catch up’ should an absence be necessary. The Director shall be notified when these arrangements have been met.
  • Performance readiness, including all factors of musical and vocal readiness along with attendance shall be considered at the Director’s discretion.

5. QUARTET PERFORMANCE POLICY: Quartets are encouraged to become a part of the overall chorus performance package. The following guidelines from Section IX of the SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL Chapter Guide have been adapted for the SONG OF SONOMA CHORUS and shall be used in determining quartets approved for public performances and those who may represent SONG