Financial Information

Operating Income is derived from donations, dues, grants, musical performances and Fundraising projects.  Expenses include such things as:  Director’s salary, coaching fees, hall rental, cost of attendance at Regional and International Events, and other Chapter operational expenditures.


SOS Chapter dues, Sweet Adelines International annual dues, and Region 12 dues are explained fully on the Money Page you received during your audition procedure.

Once you become a member, you will set up an escrow (pay-in-advance account to accumulate the per capita fee payable on your next anniversary.  The escrow account is fully refundable if you leave the chorus.  Sweet Adelines also offers a lifetime membership available for $1,000.  If you become a lifetime member, you won’t have to concern yourself with per capita fees or escrow accounts again.

What Happens to the Money?

Your international fees are sent to Sweet Adelines International headquarters, which uses them to provide educational programs, member services, publications, training and accreditation of judges, and staff to handle the logistics of a 30,000 + member organization.

A portion of your chorus dues also is sent to the region, which uses the funds to support education, membership development, and administration of the activities and programs provided by the region.  Our chorus receives support from the region to help defray some of our outside coaching costs as well as other expenses involved when preparing to represent the region at international competition.

The remainder of your chorus dues supports chorus operations such as paying for rehearsal facilities and risers, paying a nominal fee to our director, paying for our music, and covering all the administrative, telephone, website and printing costs associated with our busy chorus life.  Other expenses incurred by the chorus, such as outside coaching, costume materials, refreshments for chorus parties, etc. are paid for from other monies (not dues).  We raise such funds through performances, shows, and fundraising events and projects.

What Other Things Do Members Pay For?

 Despite keeping our dues at a level to cover chorus operations, some optional expenses still have to be paid by members. If you only attend chorus rehearsals, then you will not incur any additional expenses, though you might miss out on some of fun and exciting learning and performing opportunities.

Other expenses you may incur include costumes, make-up, SOS educational retreats, lodging for competition, and regional activities which you may choose to attend.

 Paying Your Expenses

 Every effort will be made to announce upcoming expenses well in advance of the due date.  The chorus operates on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, meaning that payment usually is expected at the time you sign up for an activity or item.  Checks should be made payable to “SONG OF SONOMA Chorus.”  If you have questions or concerns, please talk to one of The Management Team members.


Announcements:  All announcements will be made either at rehearsals during the “business” portion or via e-mail.

Riser Etiquette

During rehearsals, it is important that we make use of our time wisely.  Therefore, talking is discouraged while on the risers.  The director may ask you for your input or may give you direction that requires working with fellow members, but casual conversation is not appropriate.

Due to the close physical proximity of members on the risers, it is important that there be no perfume or scented hairspray worn.  For performances, unscented hairspray should be used.

Rehearsal Space

We rent our spaces for rehearsal and it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the area in which we rehearse.  Please respect the customs of the owners of the rehearsal hall.

Chorus Policies

In order to assist any member that might need help with words or music for a performance song, quality-assurance programs are defined in the Performance Policy herein.  Members must be proficient on each song prior to performing it so that we may provide a musical performance we’re proud to present to our audiences.


Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Management Team Responsibilities are found here.  They contain the specific information by which Song of Sonoma Chorus is governed.