Director Search



ADDENDUM:  Director Search Guidelines


Immediately upon receipt of the written resignation of the Chorus Director, the Team Coordinator shall take action to form a Director Search and Interview Committee (DSIC).  The number of members in the DSIC to be determined by the Management Team.  Five (5) are recommended for this service.

The Management Team shall determine whether a period of time with a contracted Interim Director is needed.  Compensation to the Interim Director and responsibilities of the Interim Director shall be spelled out in a written and signed Interim Director/Chorus contract.  The Management Team shall work with the current Director in planning rehearsals, deciding on the Director’s role in the transition process.  The Interim Director with whom the Management Team contracts shall not be an active applicant for the director position.

Names of those members interested in serving on the DSIC shall be presented to the chorus for vote and those with the highest number of votes shall remain in service throughout the director search process and through the new director transition period.  Management Team members are not excluded from this service.  It is recommended that this committee have representation from the musical leaders, management team and general membership.  Upon election to the DSIC, the committee will, by consensus, determine a Chair.

The DSIC is charged with, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  1. Seeing that appropriate advertisements are made to invite applications for director of the chorus in conjunction with the appropriate chorus communications chair.
  2. Conducting an adequate survey of chorus members to determine qualifications that the new director will need to possess.
  3. Receiving and reviewing incoming applications, including the contact of references given, with full authority to deny an application that lacks the required qualifications.
  4. Arranging and conducting interviews with each candidate with full authority to deny an applicant who lacks the required qualifications.
  5. Arranging appointments for audition rehearsals for each candidate in conjunction with the Director or Interim Director.
  6. Reporting weekly to the Management Team as to actions taken and results.
  7. Recommending two or more candidates to the Management Team for presentation to the chorus for vote.
  8.   Assisting the new director when needed for a transition period of 6 weeks.