Management Team Roles





Coordinator Responsibilities

Team Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Facilitating the overall coordination of the Management Team
  • Conducting internal chorus communications
  • Being the conduit for most communications from the Regional and International Sweet Adelines organizations
  • Conducting meetings of the Management Team
  • Conducting needed business meetings of the chorus membership (may designate another)
  • Maintaining the chorus master calendar in conjunction with Chorus Director and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator
  • Insuring that decisions made by the Management Team are communicated regularly and accurately to the chorus members
  • Producing the quarterly chorus newsletter
  • Appointing Communications/Web Manager
  • Implementing other systems of communications to chorus members (e.g., mailboxes, e-mail lists)
  • Overseeing the nominating committee and appointing its Chair
  • Keeping the director’s contract current
  • Negotiating contracts (or her appointee)
  • Appointing and/or participating in the long-range planning committee
  • Bringing changes to governing documents to the membership for discussion and vote

Finance Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Managing all aspects of chorus finance
  • depositing funds
  • writing checks
  • balancing the checkbook
  • keeping books and producing reports
  • Implementing the chorus financial philosophies and practices
  • Recording and tracking monthly and annual budget
  • Tracking income and expenditures to that budget
  • Completing and submitting tax documents
  • Maintaining a long range financial plan
  • Obtaining semi-annual budget-adherence reports from all Coordinators
  • Billing and collecting of chorus, regional, and international dues
  • Tracking the financial status and standing of chorus members
  • Appointing Chair for the purpose of writing and obtaining grants
  • Providing new member education regarding financial responsibilities

Membership Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Supporting and encouraging members, prospective members, and guests at chorus rehearsals and educational workshops
  • Developing programs for education of new members
  • Developing programs for incorporating new members into the chorus
  • Communicating with absent members
  • Providing correspondence and guidance regarding member transitions chorus transfers, transfers to CAL, Leaves of Absence
  • Organizing ways to welcome guests (signups, badges, etc) to the chorus
  • Providing registration and hospitality functions to which the general public is invited in conjunction with the Events Manager
  • Putting together new member packets, Member Handbook, guest books
  • Appointing Member Outreach/Sunshine Chair for sending cards for birthdays, get well and others
  • Providing gifts given on behalf of the chorus
  • Working in conjunction with the Director on internal quartet promotion
  • Planning chorus social events including parties in conjunction with Events/Operations Manager
  • Maintaining an accurate chorus roster

Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Presenting the chorus to the general public
  • Coordinating written communications and other publications of the chorus that may be seen by the general public, including but not limited to flyers and web pages
  • Developing and maintaining a marketing/PR plan
  • Providing contact with the community through which the chorus can obtain performance opportunities and recruit new members
  • Creating Sweet Adelines Regional and International communications (for example, articles about the chorus in the Stroke of 12 and Pitch Pipe)
  • Managing the chorus mailing list, public web site, and hotline
  • Maintaining an accurate list of former members for performance mailing lists
  • Using chorus quartets, who have auditioned, when needed for promoting and marketing the chorus
  • Planning the marketing strategies and advertisement for chorus performances and shows
  • Working in conjunction with the Chorus Director, Visual Coordinator and Finance Coordinator regarding show planning. May appoint a Performance Manager for this purpose
  • Planning/designing and implementing the production of show ads when needed
  • Appointing and overseeing appropriate Chairpersons for all fundraising activities of the chorus outside of shows and performances
  • Maintaining an accurate master calendar of chorus events

Administrative Coordinator—responsible for:

  • Maintaining accurate and current resource materials including but not limited to: Bylaws, Standing Rules, all governing documents, Master Calendar, contracts, correspondence to/from chorus, Performance Policy, these Job Descriptions, Member Handbook, member Roster, minutes of Management Team and chorus meetings for a period of three (3) years.
  • Appointing Events/Operations Manager and overseeing that position as described below.
  • Appointing Records/Secretary Manager and overseeing that position as described below.

Events/Operations Manager (appointed by Administrative Coordinator) —responsible for:

  • Implementing chorus social activities in conjunction with Membership Coordinator
  • organizing and carrying out chorus parties and events other than shows in conjunction with Membership Coordinator
  • Arranging the physical and social arrangements for “away from home” retreats
  • Coordinating signups and other arrangements, including travel, when the chorus is attending regional and international events.
  • Facilitating the overall responsibility when the chorus is serving as Host Chorus for a Regional AIM Weekend.
  • Managing the physical arrangements for chorus rehearsals and meetings
  • arranging the rehearsal hall each week, setting up risers when needed
  • Managing existing facilities
  • scheduling, contracts, insurance, etc. in conjunction with Chorus Director and Team Coordinator
  • searching for new and/or additional facilities for rehearsals and meeting facilities
  • maintaining and providing transportation and storage for chorus equipment such as risers, sound system, music stand, posters, banners, audio and visual tapes
  • assisting with facility and riser arrangements for chorus events, as needed.

Records/Secretary Manager (Appointed by Administrative Coordinator)–responsible for:

  • keeping records/minutes of all management team and chorus business meetings
  • sending correspondence on behalf of the chorus
  • arranging for gifts on behalf of the chorus (external)
  • maintaining chorus history and archives, including trophies, history books, yearbooks, and so forth

Musical Coordinator/Chorus Director—responsible for:

  • Participating in Long-range planning in conjunction with Team Coordinator and other appointed committee members
  • Planning and implementing weekly rehearsals
  • Selecting and training Music Staff per Chorus/Director Agreement
  • Appointing coach liaison for securing coaches as negotiating those contracts.
  • Appointing Music Librarian
  • Appointing Music Services Manager for music search, learning media
  • Developing a program for new member education in vocal skills and the barbershop art form
  • Maintaining a Master Calendar in conjunction with Team Coordinator and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator
  • Working in conjunction with Performance Manager on performance requests and shows
  • Working in conjunction with Performance Manager and Visual Manager regarding scripts and emcees for performances
  • Developing audition procedures for prospective members
  • Incorporating quartet promotion and encouragement in rehearsal planning and performance planning
  • Appointing the Visual Manager and overseeing that position as described below:

Visual Manager (Appointed by Director)—responsible for:

  • Appointing (in collaboration with Chorus Director) the Choreography/Showmanship Team who will design and teach the visual presentation to the chorus. See Director/Chorus Agreement.
  • Designing and implementing purchase or production of all chorus costuming in collaboration with Chorus Director.
  • Designing and implementing purchase of appropriate performance makeup.
  • Working in conjunction with Chorus Director, Management Team and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator on all chorus shows and performances
  • Working in conjunction with the above and Performance Manager regarding scripts and emcees for performances and shows
  • Developing a program for new member education regarding stage grooming